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What is TheHopper?

Discover why a new social sensation is coming...

  • Would you like to always know what's happening around you?

  • Are you going on vacation soon?

  • Have you seen somebody interesting nearby?

  • Is there a special event happening today?

What can you do with TheHopper?

Discover the awesome features that everyone was waiting for!

Check the live map

Explore what's happening around you on the map. See all the pictures and live feedbacks the hoppers are posting, exactly in the place they're happening. What's trending?

Search for anything you like

Here you can search for other hoppers, places or hashtags. Last but not least, if you type in the name of a city you'll be able to see who's gonna travel there soon!

Hop in a place

Does the restaurant have a dish of the day? Is the club crowded tonight? Is the sea perfect for surfing? You can hop in a place to and give a live feedback so the other hoppers can know if the place is good, before they get there. Show what's happening, post a picture!

Who's gonna be there?

Planning a trip? You can tell the other hoppers which city you're traveling to and when you will be there. Isn't this great to get to know new people?

You're a hopper!

This is your profile. How many miles did you travel? How many hops did you do? In this section everything is about you!


The integration with Foursquare allows you to see on the map who’s publishing pictures around you, even on Instagram. Maybe they’re sitting at the table over there!

A little bit more details!

Does the restaurant have a dish of the day? Is the club crowded tonight? Is the sea perfect for surfing? Who's attending the party? TheHopper is the first ever app that lets you explore your surroundings in real time, like that you can discover what is going on in your neighborhood. And what about if you want to check out that city on the other side of the world? You can do that just by moving the app's map. TheHopper has been created thinking about who is always moving around from one place of another. IT boys and girls, travelers, backpackers or jetsetters, you are all welcome! And you? Are you a Hopper?

  • Available for iPhone
  • Optimized for iOS 10
  • Ad-free
  • Multilingual: English, French, Spanish and Italian

App preview

These are some of the pages of our app. More will be revealed before the launch!


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